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NCI Office of Cancer Centers (OCC) Learning Series

DCTD's Redesign of the Early Experimental Therapeutics Program

July 26, 2012 from
2:00 to 3:30 PM ET

The NCI CTEP Early Experimental Therapeutics program has had a longstanding mission that is focused on the research and development of new treatments for cancer. To that end our program plays a number of roles. First, recognizing the importance of combination therapies, CTEP has succeeded in working with our collaborators to combine investigational new drugs. Our program also incorporates biomarker development and qualification for use in clinical trials. In addition, we seek a better understanding of cancer biology and how it relates to drug development. Drug development now requires new approaches, including the full molecular characterization of patients’ tumors. To address these new challenges and opportunities, the NCI has initiated a full redesign of its early experimental therapeutics program, encompassing phase 0 through phase 2.

As it is now conceived, the early experimental therapeutics program will employ a team science approach for drug development, while integrating research resources and programs across the NCI. Teams will work together to define the best path forward for the development of a new drugs.  This team science approach should allow NCI-sponsored investigators to perform high impact clinical trials enriched with molecular characterization of patients and sophisticated scientific research. The goal is to move toward the more precise selection of patients for participation on clinical studies. Along the way we hope to enhance interaction and collaboration as well as improving the training of the next generation of drug developers.

The National Cancer Institute will build on its existing infrastructure including its grants and contracts for phase 1 and 2 clinical trials and plans to strengthen its collaborations with other NCI-sponsored agreements and programs. Many complex pieces will be cohesively brought together in a way that allows us to better understand patients’ tumors and the best treatment for them.

The featured speaker is:

S. Percy Ivy, M.D.
Medical Officer, Cancer Therapy Evaluation Program, National Cancer Institute
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Note: Slides and transcripts of this Webinar will be made available after July 26, 2012