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Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center

The University of California, Irvine (UCI) Cancer Center was established in 1989 as a university-based cancer center. In 1994, it became an NCI-designated cancer center, and it achieved comprehensive cancer center status in 1997. Soon after, it was renamed in honor of the Chao family as the Chao Family Comprehensive Cancer Center (CFCCC), operating fully integrated research, prevention, diagnostic, treatment, and rehabilitation programs.

The Center fosters bench-to-bedside research, with programs ranging from basic science research to clinical trials. The mandate for the entire range of programs is to translate the findings of basic research into treatments that can benefit patients. Clinical research at CFCCC focuses on breast, skin, colon, liver, oral, pancreatic, and prostate cancer, and includes prevention. The Center is deeply involved in a national test program investigating the effectiveness of promising new cancer prevention drugs at several sites across the country. This work involves the design of early-phase clinical trials to assess the cancer prevention potential of a variety of agents, many of which target specific molecules known to be active in precancerous conditions.

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University of California, Irvine

Richard A. Van Etten, MD, PhD
101 The City Drive
Building 56, Rt. 81, Room 209
Orange, CA 92868
(714) 456-6310
COE Leader
Sora Park, Tanjasiri, DrPH, MPH
Associate Director for Cancer Health Disparities & Community Engagement
CRTEC Leader
Edward Nelson, MD
Associate Director for Cancer Research Education & Training

Research Programs

Research Program Program Leaders
Biotechnology, Imaging and Drug Development Anand Ganesan, MD, PhD; Gregory Weiss, PhD; Thomas Milner, PhD
Cancer Control Sunmin Lee, ScD, MPH; Joel Milam, PhD
Systems, Pathways and Targets John Lowengrub, PhD; Angela Fleischman, MD, PhD

Shared Resources

Category Resource Directors
Cat 1: Laboratory Science Genomics/High-Throughput Facility Suzanne Sandmeyer, PhD
Cat 1: Laboratory Science In-Vivo Functional Onco-Imaging Gultekin Gulsen, PhD; Zhuoli Zhang, MD, PhD
Cat 1: Laboratory Science Mass Spectrometry Core Sergey Pronin, PhD; Lan Huang, PhD; Cholsoon Jang, PhD
Cat 1: Laboratory Science Optical Biology Core Rahul Warrior, PhD
Cat 1: Laboratory Science Transgenic Mouse Facility Grant MacGregor, DPhil
Cat 3: Epidemiology, Cancer Control Biobehavioral Shared Resource Michael Hoyt, PhD
Cat 4: Clinical Research Experimental Tissue Resource Robert Edwards, MD, PhD; Wendy Cozen, DO, MPH
Cat 6: Biostatistics Biostatistics Shared Resource Min Zhang, PhD
Last Updated
June 5, 2024